Monday Moment

Just a quick shoutout to this group! We are loving our Sunday mornings with them. It’s growing so probably going to change meeting places soon but the more the merrier! Send those young marrieds our way and they’ll make some great friends and have lots of fun studying God’s word and His ways together.

It was such a good word Sunday, a word to the wives, those of us who wear so many hats, who have so many voices in our ear telling us what we are supposed to do, look like, act like, help with…

But what does God say? The voice that really matters sometimes gets drowned out by what the world says.

Submission has been twisted and perverted to the point that so many have come to believe it’s a bad thing. It makes many feel inferior and unequal but that was never how God intended.

God’s order always works and He always blessed His way.

As wives it’s good to remember that the Enemy will cause us to focus on our husband’s faults, his bad decisions, the things that irritate us about him. But God calls us to encourage our husbands, to focus on the good things, to pray for him and not criticize, and yes, even stroke that ego!

If he’s not a believer, win him over with your life and attitude and avoid the nagging. And if you don’t feel like he’s doing his part, do yours anyway for the good of the relationship. You just never know…


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