Monday Moment

Another great Sunday at Fairview with our worship team leading the way.

Eddie championed wives today, but it was a challenge to all of us. Men may have felt the challenge with more sting, but for wives it was a challenge to respond well and appreciate the effort our husbands make.

Eddie defined the weaker vessel as a more fragile fabric, a fabric of great value to be treated with tenderness, compassion, empathy and humility. The roles and functions God set up in no way make wives inferior and men are to treat them with honor.

Eddie stressed the importance of knowing one another and understanding one another. Take the time to study each other and know their love language and how to speak to that.

He pointed out the top 5 needs of women and the top 5 of men and they don’t even overlap. For women, affection, conversation, honesty, financial support and commitment.

For men, sexual satisfaction, recreational companionship, attractiveness, domestic support and admiration.

And he quoted one as saying, “if you don’t understand what makes your wife tick, you’ll end up just making her ticked.”

Check it out online or Facebook live and hear it first hand.

A great big shoutout to our grand-girl #1 Brooklynn Noel! Her birthday was Sunday and she’s 5! Our little bit not so little any more.


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