Monday Moment

Worship was amazing! Again!! As someone told Eddie and I afterwards, “there’s a lot of good things happening”! Agree!

As we journeyed on in our new series on the Christ-centered family, it really was a great message for all of us. Maybe we are married and needed this word on leaving, cleaving and becoming one or maybe just the encouragement that there are people who have been married a long time and are happy and thriving. Maybe we are the parents Eddie spoke to who need to stop meddling and allow our married kids room to breathe without adding more pressure to their life. I know it was a great word for the unmarried who one day may marry and need the encouragement to do it God’s way and know He is pro marriage!

And it was great hearing from those who told us they had been married over 50 years and it never gets old hearing this kind of message from Genesis 2:18-25. I love that most of all!

I love how Eddie closed with the fact that we’ll never be all each other needs because we are a self-centered people, but we should strive to out-serve each other. And know that no matter how romantic we are or faithful we may be, without Jesus, it will never be all God intends for it to be.

Leave! Cleave! Become one!

You can catch this message and all messages at and our Facebook page. We go live every Sunday at 11am.


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