Monday Moment

If your idea of fun is getting together and hanging with people you are crazy about, being encouraged and prayed for by people who love you and believe in you, worshipping to some of the most amazing music led by some of your favorite people and hearing a message of hope by a man who pours everything he has into study and preparation for his people, then Sunday should be your funday.

We kicked off a brand new series, The Christ-centered family. I’ve been so excited for this since Eddie started kicking around the idea. It’s so needed and something the church has got to speak to as well as offer wisdom and healing for all.

First up…Exam Time from 2 Kings 4:8-26.

It was a great introduction to the series as Eddie had us do some self inventory with the question Elisha asked: how are you doing, personally, in your marriage and with parenting.

I love that he started the whole message with the gospel because apart from Christ, we can do nothing. As Eddie said, we can apply biblical principles and not be saved and they work, but without salvation we will not be empowered by the Spirit to be able to do it.

The challenge: make Jesus the center and let Him do it. He’s the architect of the family. He should know how to make it work and how to fix it when it’s broken.

Also wanted to share our amazing small group with you. It’s not so small, but they are all so great at sharing and being vulnerable and listening and encouraging that we are over the top excited! We are having a blast with them and there’s always room for more. They’re young marrieds with no children or young children and newlyweds and they’re the best!


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