Monday Moment

📷Jason Bridwell Another great Sunday with our small group! Two more new couples and tons of sharing. Confirming so much that God has placed on our hearts in recent months. His plans are always better!

LOVED the worship set this morning. And loved the challenge from Eddie to turn from making worship a spectator sport, ripe for our criticism, and fully engage in that time. We are led so well by our worship team that engaging is not difficult if our hearts are in tune and tender.

Eddie brought us the word in the form of The State of the Church. He shared what God has laid on his heart to be our strong points and areas of concern. He challenged us to be better at celebrating the wins and engaging rather than just showing up. As he put it, we can do more with fewer who are engaged rather than many who just show up.

We listen to many voices, many opinions, so often go for convenience or what appears to be the way of least resistance, but that’s not always God’s way. Again, His plans are always better. Let’s follow Him. Even better, just let Him drive.

Facebook Live has been a huge win! You can go online mid week and watch or tune in to Facebook and catch the service. Praise God for those gifted in media and another way to redeem social media.

Next week we begin a series The Christ-centered home. Get ready and commit to being with us each week. It only gets better in 2019!


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  1. Charlotte Cohen says:

    It was a beautiful service! I am so proud of how our praise team has grown and developed! Eddie’s message was spot on and a great reminder….

    Thank you!

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