Monday Moment

Before I jump to the normal of this post, let me say it was one of my favorite days of all at Fairview. Eddie and I started teaching a small group of young marrieds and had 9 couples. We are so excited about what God can do through these young families as they grow together and learn from each other. We started a study called Love and War by John and Staci Eldridge. If day one is any indication of what’s to come, we are in for a wild ride! So thankful for all of them sharing and being open and vulnerable esp for day 1!! Well. What worship started, the message finished. When you start listening to the words of songs rather than who’s singing them or focusing on your style preference, you will experience worship. The problem is we rarely get our eyes off of self and put them where they’re supposed to be so our worship is tainted with us. So thankful for our team leading us away from them and towards Jesus. They are rocking it every week!!

The table was set so the feast on the Word slayed me. Maybe I was the only one with my chest pounding and my hair standing up, but that message should’ve hit all of us in one way or another.

My man preached Revelation 3:14-22 and how much like the Laodicean church we tend to emulate. In this spectator Christian age of watch and critique, pick and choose, have what I like or I’ll go somewhere else, we are far from looking like the New Testament church of go and make disciples.

Our convention is full of plateaued and dying churches because we are plateaued and dying Christians. The call is to commit, not coast.

Our lukewarm, indifferent, casual approach to faith paralyzes the church and nauseates Jesus.

Our self-sufficiency leads to pride and ultimately we get what we can do which may explain why the greatest revivals happened during the Great Depression. The only solution for a stiff-necked, hardheaded people is to repent.

So do we go on with our business as usual approach, tip our hat to Jesus and leave Him out? Or, do we let Him be the centerpiece of everything, our marriage, home, career, job and church?

The church at Laodicea didn’t heed the warning and 10 years later the church was gone. Just sayin…

Next week…State of the Church.

He’s left the building, led by grandgirl #1…


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