Monday Moment

Sharing early again thanks to the holiday! Hope you have enjoyed these days between Christmas and New Year’s. They’re some of my favorite days. My dad and I went to Origins Greenville Sunday to worship and hear my son, his grandson, Stephen preach. It’s always good to sit under your child teaching you from Gods Word and what a powerful and perfect message before the new year begins. Stephen preached from the life of Joseph and how life for all of us includes waiting. Whether we feel like we are in a holding pattern or a waiting room, God has purpose there and expects us to use our influence where we are as He prepares us for what’s to come. Question of the day…if God answers our prayer tomorrow, will we be ready?

And never think God has abandoned you in a time of waiting. He’s preparing us and working on our behalf. Some of the greatest people in the Bible waited and it worked out for their good. It will for us as well if we wait on the Lord.

This is definitely Me and Mini-Me in more ways than one.

I wish I could sit this man in front of an audience and let him give his take on church. I heard his sermon coming and going today. He raised us with an others mindset and he exemplifies that in his views about church as an 83 year old. He talked the whole way about as long as the gospel is preached, nothing else matters. Be about reaching those people who would never go to church. Do what you need to do to reach the young people. We talk about people not going to church, but we’ve given them a lot of reasons for not wanting to go. Who cares what people wear? People are too caught up in what they like and what they’re used to. Enjoy something different. Give the younger ones an opportunity.

So that was the sermon I got between the other two sermons.

We headed back across town and arrived in time for another message, this time from the hubby. You could say we got a double dose of goodness, now to implement both daily.

Eddie challenged us to let go of those things that weigh us down and to be quick to turn from sin so that we don’t get tripped up. The fears and anger, jealousy and doubt will keep us from being all we are called to be for God’s glory.

Don’t forget in the goal setting and resolution making, to set spiritual goals for the new year. Thankful for all three sermons I got today.

As the old year ends and a new one begins, can we be a people of joy who spread joy? Those who choose criticism and negativity will never be an instrument of furthering the kingdom. They’re too focused on self to be of good to others. And for those of us who are recipients of it, choose joy and walk away. Happy New Year to all!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Charlotte Cohen says:


    I so look forward to your weekly thoughts of our messages! The way you sum it up. Lead our hearts to be in a better place….

    Thank you! Charlotte


    1. Dawn Leopard says:

      Thank you Charlotte! You’re one of the most encouraging people! It means so much!!


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