Monday Moment

Merry Christmas everyone!!

I thought I would go ahead and publish this since tomorrow will be Christmas Eve and like many of you, my plan is to spend little time on technology over the next few days. But I couldn’t ignore it because today was one of the best Sundays ever at Fairview! There just aren’t enough adjectives to describe our worship team and how they lead. Collin has done an incredible job of pulling so many talented people together for worship, utilizing their gifts and allowing them to lead. So thankful for each one who gives of their time and energy to lead. Your energy and obvious enjoyment in what you’re doing and belief in the One you sing about, leads us to do the same. You set the finest table I’ve ever seen, preparing us to receive the message! When we get to Heaven, can I join your team and sing with you?! We love you!!And wow to the wow, I think this guy is a tad excited for Christmas and definitely ready for the 2nd one. There’s no one on earth I’m more thankful for, amazed by, blessed by than my husband. I want to be just like him when I grow up.

To say he was on fire is an understatement. He added to the glory bumps I was already covered with from worship.

The second coming from Matthew 25:1-13 was the scripture of choice this Christmas Eve Eve and we looked at the 10 virgins as representing the church today. As Eddie pointed out, we need the oil, the Holy Spirit in our life to be saved and sadly many in the church do not.

The lost may sleep the sleep of ignorance and the saved may sleep the sleep of indifference.

The challenge: Wake up!! Live a life of expectancy! Share with others so they will know the hope of Jesus and be ready. Salvation cannot be borrowed. It cannot be inherited. It’s a gift. But we must receive it.

We spend a lot of time getting ready for Christmas! Are we ready for the 2nd Christmas?

He’s coming back!

Don’t miss our Christmas Eve service at Fairview! 6:00pm in the worship center. Bring the whole family and a few friends and neighbors!!


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