Monday Moment

If you weren’t excited for Christmas before our 11:00 worship, surely you are now. Our worship team was on fire with some of the best worship music!! My hands are quick to go up anyway, but if that didn’t get your hands up and your feet moving…

I’ll just leave it at that!

I will say though that when my husband shouted a hallelujah, I was disappointed that there weren’t hundreds of others to follow!! His message was right on and what better message is there than the fact that Jesus came and if he hadn’t hell would be our only option?! Thankful for the way Eddie explained how things would be had Jesus not come and left us with the truth that just as He came the first time, He will definitely return. Another prophecy to be fulfilled. That, my friends, is the only reason for Christmas. It’s not a holiday. It’s a celebration of Jesus’ birth and I for one am excited and shouting hallelujahs and refusing to let any rock cry out in my place. He’s worthy of our worship!!


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