Hi everybody! This post will be very similar to the video we are attaching but I wanted to write too in case some can’t pull up the video. 

I’m so excited about kicking off our women’s ministry at Fairview! We have named it Favor and I want to tell you why. I’ve been praying over a name for us for over a year now.  Everything I thought of, God would just bring me back to Favor. I did a lot of research on that word. The Hebrew is sa ah. It means to gaze steadily with interest. God’s favor is when God fixes His gaze upon you, the very details of your life. I’m asking you all, who doesn’t want that? I sure do! I pray His favor on my family, my church, and of course on my own life. I know that God is the One who chooses where He will show it, but I believe that we can align ourselves in such a way that we can receive it. It means that we walk in obedience to His Word. We walk humbly before Him. 

Our verse is Psalm 67:1-2. It says, May God be gracious to us and bless us. Look on us with favor so that Your way may be known on earth, your salvation among the nations. His favor is not about us. It’s about Him, His glory! Favor is a ministry for women but it’s not about women. It’s about Jesus. It’s going to be a tool we use to reach women for Him. Also, I want you to know that good times don’t mean we have His favor and bad times don’t mean we don’t.  Through some of our hardest days in life and ministry we have felt God’s favor. That’s true as you look throughout His Word. He showed favor on different people and many times they were in difficult circumstances. 

I want you to know that we are not a social club or event group. We are a ministry under Fairview and under the authority of our pastor. We have the same vision as our church. 
I also want you to know that we will be multi-generational. As we plan events, we want to plan things that our youngest teens will enjoy as well as our adult women. That means our events may look a bit different. They may not look like what you’re used to or what the church down the street is doing. And every event will be outreach oriented, meaning they will be planned with the mindset of inviting women who may give an event a try when they won’t yet try a Sunday morning. 

We also are working with our discipleship pastor to offer women’s bible studies. I will use this blog to do devotions or some encouragement through His Word that you can comment on and encourage others. We will use the blog to give information for upcoming events. You can give your email on the blog so that as soon as a post goes up, you will be emailed. Missy will be linking the blog to the church website for easy access. We have a Facebook page you can join. We want Missy in our office to have your email so that we can send you updates and info. We just want you to stay informed and get involved. 

September 7,2014 will be our Favor day at church. That just means that we will have a table where you can sign up for our first event coming in September (all info coming soon), buy or order a Tshirt or hoodie. We will be taking money for the Beth Moore conference here in Greenville in July. Those tickets will be ordered September 15th
As you can tell so much is going on and I believe God is showing His favor over us at 

Fairview. We have a great team of women on our Favor team who are praying and working hard. They have hearts that want to serve God and girls and I’m so thankful for them. They may need some help in carrying out their tasks so if you want to help them or serve with them please step up. I will list their names for you at the bottom. Please pray for all of us and as always pray for our church, staff and leadership! It’s a joy to serve you. I love His church at Fairview!!
Favor Team…
Dawn Leopard
Jane Hawkins
Chrissie Hux
Jenny Williams
JoHannah Joines
Andrea Culpepper
Angie Culpepper
Ann Rainey
Candy Holliday
Patty Miller
Kristy Harris
Andrea Lowery

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